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  • Like Humans, most small animals, like guinea pigs do not produce vitamin C they need for good health.

    They require it from their feed; it can be difficult to tell how much they are getting from their hard feed, greens and hay.

    Most veterinary surgeons tell us the most common vitamin deficiency in small animals is vitamin C.

    Here at JRG we advice all our small animal customers on the various feeds we sell in store. We choose guinea pig feeds that are high in Vitamin C. Also most of our small animal feeds contain Vermex a natural worming product, a helpful added benefit.

    Good quality hay and fresh greens will also help towards a varied diet.

    Signs of Vitamin C deficiency include a rough coat, anorexia, diarrhoea, bleeding gums, lameness and in some cases causes pain in movement.

    The good news is, that the condition is preventable. Adding dissolving vitamin C disks to the water, tablets, correct feeding all help towards your small animal receiving the correct levels of vitamin C.

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