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  • Condition Score 0 - Emaciated

    • Pelvis: Angular, skin tight, very sunken rump, deep cavity under tail

    • Back and Ribs: Skin tight over ribs, very prominent and sharp backbone

    • Neck: Marked ewe neck, narrow and slack at base

    Condition Score 1 - Poor

    • Pelvis: Prominent pelvis and croup, sunken rump but skin supple, deep cavity under tail

    • Back and Ribs: Ribs easily visible, prominent backbone with sunken skin on either side

    • Neck: Ewe neck, narrow and slack base

    Condition Score 2 – Moderate

    • Pelvis: Rump flat either side of back bone, croup well defined, some fat, slight cavity under tail

    • Back and Ribs: Ribs just visible, backbone covered but spine can be felt

    • Neck: Narrow but firm

    Condition Score 3 – Good

    • Pelvis: Covered by fat and rounded, no gutter, pelvis easily felt

    • Back and Ribs: Ribs just covered and easily felt, no gutter along the back, backbone well covered but spine can be felt

    • Neck: No crest (except for stallions) firm neck.

    Condition Score 4 – Fat

    • Pelvis: Gutter to root of tail. Pelvis covered by fat

    • Back and Ribs: Ribs well covered – need pressure to feel. Gutter along backbone

    • Neck: Wide and firm

    Condition Score 5 – Obese

    • Pelvis: Deep gutter to root of tail, skin distended, pelvis buried, cannot be felt.

    • Back and Ribs: Ribs buried, cannot be felt, deep gutter along back. Back broad and flat.

    • Neck: Marked crest very wide and firm, fold of fat

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