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  • As we make the transition in to the warmer months of spring and summer, one major problem all horse owners will agree on is flies!

    Flies work on the smell of their prey. Repellents work by releasing strong scent molecules into the air and animal, which confuse the insect by mixing in with and masking the smell of the horse, so they are unable to home in on the smell of the horse.

    The term ‘repellent’ may seem misleading though. These products don’t actually repel the insects but rather confuse their sense of smell.

    There are various forms of fly repellents for horses, available as ready to use sprays, which tend to be the most convenient method of applying the repellent onto the majority of horses.

    Wipes, gels and creams are ideal for use on horses that are anxious about the sprays.

    Citronella bands can also be used in stables, platted into manes and can also be used by handlers.

    Most natural repellents will contain citronella – one application will tend to only be effective for a few hours.

    Synthetic repellents may contain a chemical called DEET, slightly more powerful and last longer.

    Aloe Vera products can also be used as a natural repellent.

    Fly masks and sheets can all help against the fight of flies.

    We sell many fly repellent products in store, drop in and have a look – our experienced team are always willing advice on different products.

    All products available in store.

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