Our 'highly praised' loyalty to you

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Even though we keep our prices low and compete against other suppliers to offer you the best. We still believe in offering our customers a reward for showing their loyalty and shopping with us. Thats why we've introduced our very successful Loyalty Card Scheme.

Forget 'Points equals Pennies', we like 'Paws equals £’s'

When you visit our shop in Aylesbury, produce your ‘Paw’ loyalty Card and we will reward you for your loyalty to us and stamp a ‘Paw’ onto your card for the following transactions:

  • £18 Shop Transaction receive '1 Paw' 
  • £35 Delivery Transaction receive ‘1 Paw' 

Collect a total of 12 Paws and we will credit you £10 off your next shop. Simples!!!

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